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We’ve been slackers November 19, 2011

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We’ve been slacking when it comes to blogging but we check in most beers we drink on Untappd. If you use Untappd find us & ask to be our friend. To find us search for “Chaddah” and “JLothian”. If you’ve never heard of Untappd I’d recommend checking it out at Untappd.com

this is a screenshot of one of JLothian's recent check-ins



Peeper Ale from the Maine Beer Company August 5, 2010

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Peeper ale is an American Ale brewed by the Maine Beer Company in Portland Maine.  This is a 5.5% Bottle conditioned offering. The Maine Beer company is a 1% for Planet™ Member, Donating 1% of all sales to environmental non-profits.

The Look:

Peeper Ale is a light golden color and slightly hazy. The Pour produced a thin white head that dissipates slightly but is present for the entire glass.

The Smell:

H: This has a very Fresh Nose, There is a presence of Hops, I would guess Cascades.

W: This has a very nice Hoppy smell, Very Floral

The Taste:

W: This is very light and hoppy, smooth.

H: I’m still thinking Cascade Hops, Very Flowery.  This is a nice clean, crisp beer. Perfect for a hot day, Very Refreshing.

W: The Hops are nice, not too intense like the IPA’s you love.

H: I was going to say that might be this beer’s only Fault, But I don’t think that’s the style they were going for.


W: Peeper is very Drinkable, This is a great beer to pair with Dinner, It’s not heavy or filling, goes down nice.

H: Agreed, This Is a beer I could sit and enjoy a couple bottles of without a problem.

W: Pairs well with Your Homemade Pizza

H: Thanks, but does the pizza improve the beer or Vice Versa?

W: Beer Improves Pizza, No Question

H: Good Answer


Weekend of August 1st July 29, 2009

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This coming weekend we are headed to Nashua, NH for a family reunion. This works out great for us because we want to visit Martha’s Exchange which is just down the road. We first learned about Martha’s Exchange at Olde New England Days Brewfest in North Woodstock, NH in 2007. We tried “Velvet Elvis Vanilla Bean Stout” and fell in love. Hopefully this weekend they have it on tap. We’ll do a blog when we come back about what Chad tried and what we thought about the food because after all it’s a pub and they have great food.


Hello world!

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